Scrapebox Whitehat

There are many White Hat uses for Scrapebox.  In fact I would say there is just as many, if not more white hat uses for scrapebox as there is blackhat uses.  Too often people take things for face value.  If they were told or read somewhere, that scrapebox was for blackhat, then they automatically assume that it can only be for black hat.  Im not going to talk about blackhat though, as its largely perception.

The fact is, scrapebox has many whitehat uses.  Uses that are definitely inside of Google, Bing and the other engines acceptable TOS.  I mean after all Blackhat and whitehat are “pretty much” refer to methods of search engine optimization that are either inside or outside of Googles terms.  True Blackhat is more like hijacking, hacking, cloaking etc… But thats really neither here nor there.

The simple truth is its about business and making money online.  Google doesn’t rule online nor do they rule business.  They aren’t in charge of the worlds business, they just run search.  Search is only a small portion of business.  For instance, scrapebox can help you find a domain name to buy thats at a good price, and help you not get scammed while doing it. This has nothing at all to do with google, so really its just every day business that scrapebox can help with.

But say you wanted to make a sitemap of our site, so that google could crawl your whole site.  This is perfectly white hat and scrapebox can do it for you.  Say you want to make a RSS feed of your site and your not using a CMS that does this for you.  Scrapebox can do this for you.  These are of course just some very basic examples.  So lets dig into the good stuff!

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