ScrapeBox Resources


Here is a central place for ScrapeBox resources.  Some of these are basic, but I will link to them for those who want quick access.  Other resources here may be less well known, but hopefully now that you know about them you will make good use of them.  🙂

Tutorials and FAQs:

Usage Guide

Official FAQ

Unofficial FAQ

Looplines Scrpebox YouTube Channel


Private Proxies:

ScrapeboxProxy – Use Discount Code: MAttPROMO  for a 15% discount off your first month

IPFreely – They offer great, solid private proxies.


Shared Proxies:

BuyProxies – The offer both shared and private proxies but for the cost I love their shared proxies.


Scrapebox VPS – Dedicated Servers

Scrapebox VPS and Dedicated Servers


White Hat Scrapebox

Scrapebox White Hat

Scrapebox White Hat FAQ

Help and Support:

Contact Support


I find it helpful to look thru the changelog, as you can discover features that you didn’t know existed.



Learning mode definition files:

Free Scrapebox Learning Mode Definition Files


Scrapebox Auto Approve Lists:

Scrapebox Auto Approve Lists


Partial Video List:

All videos here: Looplines Scrpebox YouTube Channel

Find your scrapebox License Email

URL Harvester Troubleshooting

Google IP Bans – Different kinds of bans

VPS or Dedicated Server Setup for Scrapebox

Troubleshooting Scrapebox – Poster Issues

Captcha Setup in Scrapebox

Grab Emails and Comments

Scrapebox Learning Mode Addon

How to make a Scrapebox Auto Approve List

Using Excel to create spin text for Scrapebox, Scrapejet and Scrapeboard

Get more then 1000 results per keyword (kind of) – Scrapebox

How to find Scrapebox Proxy Sources

Setting up Scrapebox and getting started

How to obtain your scrapebox license transfer info

Scrapebox Ping Mode

Blog Commenter Part 1

Blog Commenter Part 2

Blog Commenter Part 3

Blog Commenter Part 4