Video Change log – Scrpaebox – .53 – .54 Rank Tracker, Meta info Scraper and more

The .53 and .54 update to scrapebox brought a lot of great features and enhancements.

The meta information scraper was introduced.  It allows you to harvest meta info from urls, such as meta keywords, meta descriptions and titles.  Then you get nice filter options that allow you to filter keywords and various elements of the data.

Teh rank tracker was also updated to allow transferring of information, such as proxies, between it and scrapebox.  Also there were nice new features added, such as the option to only check off the keywords that you want check and other features.

The google image grabber addon also now offers the option to scrape icon and small size images.  Previously it only allowed you to scrape medium and large sized images.

Scrapebox Change Log 1.15.48 – 1.15.52

This update brings us thru .52.  48 and 49 brought some great enhancements and fixes, so these are good. 50 and 51 brought crucial updates for the new licensing setup that scrapebox deployed.

Regarding the recent updates its important to note that if you transfer you license to a new machine from this point forward you MUST update to at least 1.15.51.  Also its important that you reinstall all of your addons, regardless of if you update or not.

Scrapebox Change Log 1.15.36 – 1.15.47

There wasn’t a lot of major changes in the 1.15.36-1.15.47 range, save the proxy harvester.  There was some bug fixes, some enhancements, so adjustments because google changed etc… However several of the updates revolved around the new Proxy Manager in scrapebox.  This did away with the previous 2 proxy managers all together and is much more powerful and brings a much higher google success rate to the table.

Scrapebox .34 and .35 update

Scrapebox got some nice new features in the last couple updates.

v1.15.35 New: Pagerank statistics of checked URL’s in “Import/Export URL’s & PR” button. New: Auto remove duplicate proxies when clicking Test Proxies. New: Harvester Remove URL’s Not Containing option to remove URL’s which do not contain specific words.

v1.15.34 Fix: Google harvester due to change at Google. Fix: Yahoo harvester due to change at Yahoo. Fix: AOL harvester due to change at AOL.