Scrapebox Backlink Checker 2 Update – Now Using MOZ data

For a long time now the scrapebox backlink checker has used Alexa data.  Alexa all of a sudden started limiting the data from 1000 backlinks to now only 5 backlinks, if you want more, you have to pay for Alexa Pro.

So Scrapebox transitioned to using MOZ API, similar to the Page Authority addon.  In the video below I cover how to setup an API key, how to setup the addon and how to use it.

The major upside here is that MOZ data is considerably better and much fresher then Alexas.  Also it will pull in your accounts from the page Authority addon , if you have any setup in there.

Scrapebox Rank Tracker Scheduler – Check your rank automatically

The rank tracker plugin now features a scheduler.  The scheduler allows you to schedule the rank tracker to run while you sleep, eat dinner or any other time.  You can schedule it to run every day, automatically.

It tracks all data and even can export the data daily to a excel file.  All you have to do is update to the latest version of the rank tracker, you do not need the automator plugin.

Scrapebox Facebook Email Scraping and Google Image Scraper Free Public License Option

The latest version of the Google Image Scraper now features multiple image licensing options.  This comes with V of the Image Grabber addon.  This is helpful if you want to be able to get images that have various licenses.


Also Facebook had made some changes to their platform that inadvertently caused scrapebox to stop being able to scrape emails from facebook.  However the next update has fixed that and you can now scrape emails from facebook.


Scrapebox Addons IPC system update – addons attach to the instance they are launched from

The scrapebox developers overhauled the addon system and now addons attach to the instance that they are launched from.

In the past they would attach to whichever instance windows would randomly choose to attach it too.

In order to take advantage of this new update you need to upgrade to scrapebox version 1.15.55 or higher and you need to reinstall all of your addons.  In the video I go over how to actually reinstall all of your addons in one easy step.

This is a great help for many of use, myself included.  I have often found my addons attaching to an instance I didn’t want to use data from.

Scrapebox Rank Tracker Premium Plugin

Scrapebox will soon offer premium plugins.  These will be paid plugins that add functionality to scrapebox that is beyond the included functionality.

The first premium plugin is the Rank Tracker.  The rank tracker allows you to easily track your rank for various keywords across many keywords and the 3 major search engines.  Rank tracker works with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It allows you to export resutls, and print graphs.  It also allows you to track inner pages of your domain as well as many other customizable options.

Google Perma Banning Private Proxy IP Ranges

As is common knowledge online, as of late google has been banning IPs more heavily.  However recently the cracked down even more and are now Permanently banning some private proxy IP ranges.  I actually had a IP range with a private proxy provider that was perma banned in June.  I explained it the provider and they just didn’t know what was causing it and moved on.

Your Private Proxy, however, has identified the issue and has spear headed an effort to identify the proxies that are being banned and take corrective action.  I Hope that other private proxy providers follow in their footsteps.  I “assume” that the big players will, but this will be some defining times for the smaller players, who will rise to the top as quality providers?  I don’t know, but we will soon find out.

Here is the news item that YPP posted:

Closed YPP July Changes

2012-07-10 00:00:00

Ypp had to close today 5 servers due to the recent changes on google, more than 53 cbocks are permanently blocked by google so we are forced to cancel these 5 servers and all the ip ranges from these servers. Each subscription with proxies from these 5 servers are replaced automaticaly by our system. Due to this changes our qurantine is now reseted and all the ip’s are checked again on google at a certain interval of time, this imply the posibility to receive some blocked proxies due to the automatically replacement of proxies, in case you encounter errors like 403,503 please open a new support ticket to allow us to que your ticket for replacement, we will replace your proxies as soon as we release proxies from our qurantine ( max 24/48 hours.). We still have some ip ranges blocked that will be removed very soon, in the next phase of our project. This dosen’t mean that this is the end of ypp, all this changes are made to clean our proxies and to offer better services to our clients, new servers and new locations will be available in a short time. Thank you for your understanding! We apologize for any inconvenience that we caused to you. Update: July 11. More than 6000 fresh new proxies will be available in the next 24 hours. We apologize for this delay.

Before I get asked a dozen times, here is the link to YPP:

Your Private Proxy