Scrapebox White SEO – by Neil Patel

Neil Patel did a great write up on using scrapebox for whitehat SEO.  You can find the full article here: Scrapebox Whitehat SEO

There are MANY ways you can use scrapebox for whitehat SEO, and Neil covers some great methods in the article. There are of course many more uses, if you just learn how to use Scrapebox and be creative, but neither he nor I can give away All the secrets of how we use scrapebox.

I can assure you though, as part owner of a full brick and mortar seo company, we use scrapebox for many things “outside the box” of what all too many marketers stereo type scrapebox as.  Be creative, think things thru, you will find dozens if not hudreds of white hat applications.  If your looking for black hat, don’t think about scrapebox as a blog commenter, just pretend it doesn’t even do blog commenting, then you will be able to think about it more creatively!

Social Checker Addon For Scrapebox – Check counts for Facebook, Twitter, and more

The Social Checker Addon allows you to get a count of all the times your url or domain shows up on the popular social platforms.

Social sites that the checker works with at the time of this post are:

Google +1

Once done you can export the results and sort them as you see fit.  With social playing a key role in internet marketing these days, this is a key addon.

Post Content and Comments on your Own Blog with Scrapebox

You can use scrapebox to post comments on your own blog, as well as to post content to your own blog.

The Article Scraper Plugin has all tools needed for scraping content, spinning, Quality Assurance, and posting the content to you blogs.

Then you can use the comment poster in scrapebox to post comments on your own blog.  Scrapebox even created a plugin that allows you to mass post on your blog and bypass the standard commenting limit.  You can post as many comments as you like, and I cover how to make it all auto approve so that you do not need to go in and approve all comments.

You can even build links to your blog when your done.

Plugin Download: