Scrapebox Port Scanner Addon

The Port scanner addon is a free addon for anyone that owns scrapebox.

The port scanner monitors connections on your pc and gives you crucial data about those connections.

It gives you data on IP address, Ports, Report IPs, Time and date, Name and Status.  The port scanner does not work with all NICs, but if it works with yours and you know what to do with that data it can be handy.

Chess Addon for Scrapebox – Sharpen your mind in your free time

The Scrapebox chess addon is a free addon for all who own scrapebox.

Grab a quick game of chess while your waiting for scrapebox to do its thing or just clear your mind when you have had enough of staring at link structures.

The addon lets you play as the white or black player and it gives you time stamps.  It also tracks the moves that you have made.  Otherwise its pretty straight forward chess.

Automate Scrapebox with the Scrapebox Automator Premium Plugin

The Scrapebox Automator Plugin allows you to Automate the functions of scrapebox.

Now you can do the same things you have been doing, but all on auto pilot so you have more free time to do other things.

Automator allows you to create a job file.  In that job file you can specify the things you want scrapebox to do and specify the settings/parameters that you want scrapebox to use.

You can automate the vast majority of most functions in scrapebox that you would do as well as automate addons.  The automator is constantly being expanded and at the time of this post was only $20 – which is a steal for all it allows you to do.

You can automate scraping and testing or proxies, posting comments, trackbacks, manipulating url lists, keyword scraping, malware addon, delays and much more.

Scrapebox Unicode Converter – Allows Scraping Of Unicode Keywords In Scrapebox

By default scrapebox does not support Unicode characters.  The Unicode converter addon allows you to insert or load in keywords in Unicode format and then it will convert them.

The conversion is just encoding.  That way scrapebox can handle them.  Then it sends them to google and google decodes them and returns the relevant urls.

By way of side note, you can also post comments that contain unicode characters if you use the learning mode addon.

The Unicode converter can be launched from the addons menu or it can be launched from the keyword import menu.