Scrapebox Whois Scraper Addon – Scrape Whois data from domains

Scrapebox has a free whois scraper addon for anyone that owns Scrapebox.  The WHOIS scraper allows you to load in a list of domains and get whois data from them.

You can get who its registered to, when it expires, Registrant name, Registrant email and then you can export all that data.  There are many export options, depending on what you want to export and in what format.

It uses SOCKS proxies only and allows connections of 1-500.  If you do not use proxies then you will want to keep connections low so you don’t get your IP banned.


Scrapebox TDNAM Scraper Addon – Scrape Closeout Auctions

The Scrapebox TDNAM scraper addon allows you to pull data from godaddys closeout auctions and then sort it and search it.

You can sort it by .com, .net. org and .info and then search for specific words in the domain name its self.  It allows you to export the results as well as right click on a domain and get further info from Godaddy.  At that point you can purchase the domain from godaddy, but scrapebox has nothing to do with that part.

This addon is free for scrapebox owners.  The godaddy database updates once per day.


Custom Harvester for Scrapebox – Allows Scrapebox to scrape urls from engines you add

The Scrapebox custom harvester allows you to add your own search engines to scrapebox.  This means that you can harvest from virtually any engine.

The user interface is straight forward and fairly easy to use.  It comes with a wide range of search engines included, at the time of this post it has:


More can easily be added and tested.  This update is a free update to all scrapebox users.

Also with this update comes the option to allow scrapebox to go harvest proxies for you from a 24 hour google footprint.  You can harvest from your own sources and use your own private proxies as well.  In addition to that you can now refresh proxies on the fly while scraping.  You get to choose how often to replace proxies on the fly while harvesting, as well as filter slow proxies and choose how many working proxies to acquire before harvesting.

Sitemap Scraper Addon for Scrapebox – Extract All Internal URLs from a site

The site map scraper addon allows you to use a domins site map to scrape all the urls from that site.  The addon is free for any owners of Scrapebox.

There is a deep crawl option as well.  When you use this feature, scrapebox will load all the urls in the site map that it extracts and then go and extract internal urls from those as well.

You can export results.  Only valid sitemaps, such as XML etc.. are able to be used with the sitemap scraper addon.


Out Bound Link Checker – Addon for Scrapebox

The Scrapebox Outbound Link Checker is a free addon for anyone that owns scrapebox.  The addon allows you to load in a list of urls and get a count of both the internal and external links.

There is a status column that shows progress as it goes and then ones its done you get multiple export options.  Options include excell, csv and sending back to scrapebox.

You can also import from scrapebox or from a file.  You also get filters that let you manipulate the results before you export them.

Out Bound Links is often referred to as OBL.

Scrapebox Mass Url Shortner Addon – Bulk shorten urls

The Scrapebox Mass Url Shortner Addon is a free addon for all scrapebox owners. It allows you to mass create a list of shortened urls for your original list that you upload.

You can shorten to several different url services, then you have convenient expand / collapse options for viewing.  You also get export options to export your original urls and the newly created shortened urls.

You can import links from a file.  There are several url shortner services used and they change from time to time.