Rapid Indexer Addon by Scrapebox – Get your urls indexed and build links to them at the same time

The rapid indexer addon is a free addon for Scrapebox owners. The addon allows you to quickly build a large amount of links to your urls.

The links can be useful for getting your sites indexed or simply building links in general.

You can download many various free rapid indexer lists simply by searching google, and you can also download a starter list from scrapebox.

You simply load in your sites and the indexer service sites and hit start and the addon does the rest.  Then you can export the results when its done.

Page Scanner addon for Scrapebox – check web page urls for any text, string or elements

The page scanner addon for scrapebox is a free addon for any scrapebox owners.  What the page scanner does is allow you to create your own custom footprints.

These footprints are made of up of elements on a page that you want to track.  So you might want to find if a particular image is used on a page, because that image is part of a theme for instance.  So you could look for image.jpg and then call that “theme”.

Then you load in a list of urls, whenever htat image.jpg is found in the html source of the page, the page scanner will label that as “theme”.  You can use multiple footprints at once.  So you can sort a list of urls into categories that you choose.

When your done scanning the pages, you can export the urls in excell and sort them as you like.

Scrapebox Link Extractor Addon – Extract internal and external links from domains and urls

The link extractor addon for scrapebox allows you to extract internal about:newtaband external links from any given url.

You get the option to extract internal, external or both.  The addon automatically removes duplicate urls as well.

After the urls are pulled, you can then choose multiple export options and you are given multiple import options to start with as well.  You can also choose your number of connections.

The link extractor addon is quite simple and straight forward, as well as fast.

Scrapebox Learning Mode Poster Addon – Teach Scrapebox Many New Platforms

The learning mode addon in scrapebox is a free addon for anyone that owns scrapebox.

The learning mode poster beta addon allows you to post to many additional platforms.  Basically you identify a new platform you want to train scrapebox to post to.  Then you teach it to post to that platform.

Once taught you save off a definition file and you then load in that file and the learning mode can post to the platform that you taught it.  It fully supports proxies and unicode as well.

Whats great about the learning mode is that it ultimately lets you expand the power of scrapebox to be able to post to many additional CMS and Platforms.  You can hover over the scrapebox resources in the menu above for for a drop down menu.  There you will see a page that I have that has free learning mode platform Definition files.

New Learning Mode Poster Video:

Older Learning Mode Poster Video:

Scrapebox Google Image Grabber Addon – Quickly scrape images from google

Scraping images from google couldn’t get easier then with google image grabber addon for scrapebox.  This a free addon for anyone that owns scrapebox.

The image grabber addon allows you to gather a list of urls where images are hosted from google.  You get this list based on the keywords that you put in.

When you load in your keywords you then can scrape the list of urls where the images are hosted, then the grabber will go out and download each image.

You get the option to have each set of images stored in a folder named after you keyword.  Also you get choose the size of the image that you want to download, icon, small, medium or large.

Scrapebox Google Competition Finder Addon allows you to quickly check google competition levels

The competition finder addon in scrapebox allows you to quickly check google competition for any given keyword or footprint.

Its quick and easy, allows you to set the number of connections for use with google competition finding, as well as multiple export options.  Full proxy support is also included.

Simply load in a list of keywords or a list of footprints and the addon will then scrape google for the number of results, which will quickly give you an overview of competition or footprint results.

Extracting Google Cache Stats with Scrapebox Google Cache Extractor Addon

Scrapebox has an addon called the google cache extractor.  The google cache extractor addon scrapes google and gathers when the most recent cache of the given url was.

You input a list of urls, making sure you have good proxies. Then you run the addon and it will look at what the cache time and date are for each url.  Some urls will not have a cache.

You can then filter out the no cache if you like and then export the results as various output forms, such as CSV, excel and text.

This is helpful in determining how often google is caching your urls and your competitors urls.

Bulk Fake Page Rank Checker – Scrapebox Fake PR Checker Addon

The Fake PR checker addon in scrapebox allows you to check Fake Page Rank in bulk.

After checking to see if pr is fake or real, you get multiple export options.  You can of course control the connections, you can also check the actual pr of the page as well.

Further more the addon supports use of proxies so google doesn’t ban you IPs and/or provide false readings while checking Fake PR.  This is important considering Page Rank is to do with google in the first place, so obviously any fake PR checking is going to query them.

Fake PR is when someone takes the PR of one valid domain and imposes it upon a domain that does not really have PR.  However PR checkers then see this new page as having PR.

Often times this is done so the fake pr domain can be sold and then once its sold they remove the fake pr and point it at a new site and the purchased domain has no real PR.