Video Change log – Scrpaebox – .53 – .54 Rank Tracker, Meta info Scraper and more

The .53 and .54 update to scrapebox brought a lot of great features and enhancements.

The meta information scraper was introduced.  It allows you to harvest meta info from urls, such as meta keywords, meta descriptions and titles.  Then you get nice filter options that allow you to filter keywords and various elements of the data.

Teh rank tracker was also updated to allow transferring of information, such as proxies, between it and scrapebox.  Also there were nice new features added, such as the option to only check off the keywords that you want check and other features.

The google image grabber addon also now offers the option to scrape icon and small size images.  Previously it only allowed you to scrape medium and large sized images.

Scrapebox Meta Information Grabber

The meta grabber function in scrapebox allows you to take a list of urls and grab meta information from that list of urls.  This include titles, descriptions, and keywords.

Your can then filter this data and export it in one of several methods.  If you want to use this data to do keyword research there is specific functions built in for that.  Plus in the video I throw in my 2 cents for some extra tips on keyword research

Overall the meta grabber is a great new function for scrapebox, requires the 1.15.53 update.

Scrapebox Rank Tracker Premium Plugin

Scrapebox will soon offer premium plugins.  These will be paid plugins that add functionality to scrapebox that is beyond the included functionality.

The first premium plugin is the Rank Tracker.  The rank tracker allows you to easily track your rank for various keywords across many keywords and the 3 major search engines.  Rank tracker works with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It allows you to export resutls, and print graphs.  It also allows you to track inner pages of your domain as well as many other customizable options.

Domain Resolver Addon for Scrapebox

The scrapebox domain resolver is a free addon for scrapebox users.  The addon lets you load in a list of domains from a file or type/paste in a list of domains.  Then it will check each domain to see which IP it resolves to.

Optionally you can have the domain resolver attempt to identify the country from which the IP comes.  This can be handy for many different applications.  Once it is done you can of course export the results.

Scrapebox Change Log 1.15.48 – 1.15.52

This update brings us thru .52.  48 and 49 brought some great enhancements and fixes, so these are good. 50 and 51 brought crucial updates for the new licensing setup that scrapebox deployed.

Regarding the recent updates its important to note that if you transfer you license to a new machine from this point forward you MUST update to at least 1.15.51.  Also its important that you reinstall all of your addons, regardless of if you update or not.

Dofollow Test Addon for Scrapebox

The Scrapebox Dofollow Test Addon is free for anyone that has a paid license of scrapebox.  The dofollow test addon will analyze a list of urls that have your link on them, and tell you if the link is dofollow or nofollow.

After the analyzation is done you can export the dofollow, the nofollow, or both.  This addon is very handy for quickly going thru lists of urls and determining the status of the links in regards to nofollow and dofollow.

Dofollow Nofollow Check Addon for Scrapebox

Scrapebox has a Dofollow/Nofollow check addon, this addon is free for anyone who has a paid license.  The addon works with wordpress blogs and looks at existing comments to determine if they are nofollow or dofollow.

It will return assumption unknown on various blogs, this is blogs that have comments closed, no comments to analyze or registration required.

The addon will give you a idea of what is nofollow and what is dofollow at a glance and then allows you to export the results in multiple ways.