Blog Analyzer Addon for Scrapebox

The Scrapebox Blog Analyzer addon is a free addon for anyone that has a licensed copy of scrapebox.  The blog analyzer addon lets you load a list of blogs and then it scans each url.  It can tell you what platform the blog is running on, and on some platforms it will tell you if its open for comments, has spam protection and if it has an image captcha.

You can shuffle the urls before starting, which is a good idea.  You also get the option to retry failed.  For export you can export all urls or each platform individually with multiple export options for each.

Scrapebox BlogEngine Moderated Post Filter Addon

The BE Moderated Post Filter Addon in scrapebox is a free addon for anyone with a license of scrapebox.  The addon allows you to load a list of urls that are on the BlogEngine platform and then check them to see if they are moderated or not.

Non moderated blogs will of course be whats known as auto approve blogs. Once the checking process is done you get multiple filter and export options.

Bandwidth Meter Addon for Scrapebox

The bandwidth meter addon for scrapebox allows you to track your bandwidth usage.  It does not display a total MB/GB worth of usage, but rather it displays current throughput.

This is very helpful for gauging your bandwidth usage when doing certain tasks in scrapebox.  If you know how fast of a connection you are on then you can gauge how much bandwidth you have left that you can use.  This addon does not work with all NICs.

Backlink Checker Addon for Scrapebox

The scrapebox backlink checker addon is one of the free addons for scrapebox.  It allows you to load a list of urls and then get the count of the number of backlinks that exist.  This count comes from a free public source.  You can then export the count for analysis.

You can also download upto 1000 of those backlinks.  You do not have to check the count prior to downloading the backlinks.

Audio Player addon in scrapebox

The audio player addon in scrapebox is a handy addon that lets you listen to some tunes while you work.  It supports creating and saving playlists as well as point and click play.  It also comes equipped with a full equalizer, volume control and progress bar.

Scrapebox Alive Checker Addon

The Alive checker addon is a great addon to test bulk urls to see if they are alive or dead.  You could use this to test internal pages of your site, urls for customers, or many other uses.  It has options that let you specify the status codes that should shows as alive.  You also get the choice of resolving relocation urls or taking them at face value.

This addon is a free addon with scrapebox and works very quickly.

Scrapebox Alexa Rank Checker Addon

The Alexa rank checker addon is a free addon for scrapebox.  It is fairly straight forward in what it does. It will allow you to load a list of your urls and check the popularity and reach rank of that url with alexa.  It does support proxies had the option to recheck any failed urls.

The addon gives you both the reach rank and the popularity ranking for alexa. You get the option to export the results in multiple formats.This is convenient for sorting data and for saving it for future use.  Here is a video showing how the addon works.