Use the Alive Addon and the Link Checker for Whitehat Scrapebox

The alive checker addon can be used for a lot of general site monitoring, checking to see if your pages are up etc.. It also lets you specify status codes to return as alive or dead and it gives you the option to follow redirected urls or not.  This would come in handy even if you only have 1 site, but especially if you have multiple sites you can monitor them all at once.  I briefly go over how to use scrapebox to get a list of the urls on your site, if you don’t have one already, more detail on this is in the prior video on this blog.

Using the link checker to track your paid nofollow links (totally google compliant) is a great way to make sure some of what you have paid for hasn’t been removed, either on purpose or by accident.  You can of course use the link checker for many other things as well.

Create a sitemap and RSS Feed for your site all Whitehat in Scrapebox

A coupe of scrapeboxes many whitehat uses is creating sitemaps and rss feeds for your site.  You can do this in scrapebox, 100% whitehat.  It seems logical to start with what google has indexed, but if you don’t want to touch google you can do it just with tools in scrapebox and only be connecting to your own site.

You can create a flat sitemap that lets you distribute link juice around a site as well as give search engine bots a place to start to crawl your entire site.  I have heard that you can even submit the RSS feed in place of a sitemap in google webmaster tools, as its a properly formatted xml file, and then google will often crawl the entire site within minutes.

Google Perma Banning Private Proxy IP Ranges

As is common knowledge online, as of late google has been banning IPs more heavily.  However recently the cracked down even more and are now Permanently banning some private proxy IP ranges.  I actually had a IP range with a private proxy provider that was perma banned in June.  I explained it the provider and they just didn’t know what was causing it and moved on.

Your Private Proxy, however, has identified the issue and has spear headed an effort to identify the proxies that are being banned and take corrective action.  I Hope that other private proxy providers follow in their footsteps.  I “assume” that the big players will, but this will be some defining times for the smaller players, who will rise to the top as quality providers?  I don’t know, but we will soon find out.

Here is the news item that YPP posted:

Closed YPP July Changes

2012-07-10 00:00:00

Ypp had to close today 5 servers due to the recent changes on google, more than 53 cbocks are permanently blocked by google so we are forced to cancel these 5 servers and all the ip ranges from these servers. Each subscription with proxies from these 5 servers are replaced automaticaly by our system. Due to this changes our qurantine is now reseted and all the ip’s are checked again on google at a certain interval of time, this imply the posibility to receive some blocked proxies due to the automatically replacement of proxies, in case you encounter errors like 403,503 please open a new support ticket to allow us to que your ticket for replacement, we will replace your proxies as soon as we release proxies from our qurantine ( max 24/48 hours.). We still have some ip ranges blocked that will be removed very soon, in the next phase of our project. This dosen’t mean that this is the end of ypp, all this changes are made to clean our proxies and to offer better services to our clients, new servers and new locations will be available in a short time. Thank you for your understanding! We apologize for any inconvenience that we caused to you. Update: July 11. More than 6000 fresh new proxies will be available in the next 24 hours. We apologize for this delay.

Before I get asked a dozen times, here is the link to YPP:

Your Private Proxy