Scrapebox Keyword Scraper – Whitehat Style

You can use the keyword scraper in scrapebox for whitehat uses.  For example, one method is simply doing keyword research.  If you use google suggest, google will tell you what most people wind up searching for when they start with a particular keyword.  The entire google suggest is based on search volume.  The more people that search for say

car wash

the more likely car wash is to show up when you type the word


into google.


So you can go into the keyword scraper in scrapebox, put in your keywords, and then scrape all the google suggest, yahoo suggest and bing suggestions for those keywords.  Then you can remove duplicate keywords, and eyeball the keywords to make sure they are related to your niche/what you are after.  As some things listed there just won’t be a good fit for your particular niche.

Then you can even feed those keywords back to the scraper and get even more results. You can continue to do this until you have a nice list of closely related and long tail keywords.  After the pengin update, we all know its especially important to use diverse anchor texts in your link profile.

Depending on your particular niche there are other options, such as amazon suggest.  I personally wouldn’t use amazon suggest if I was working with something like “car insurance” but if I was after say “buy chocolates” then I would use amazon suggest.  So you should be able to look at the options and tell what is going to be a good fit for your niche and what is not.


Once thats done, you may even be able to find more opportunities to make money.  You can run your new keyword list thru the google competition finder.  You may find some keywords that work out to have a low competition, but wind up making you some good money.  Then you can develop campaigns around those keywords.

There are other creative ways to do keyword research and creatively use keyword data in scrapebox as well, all white hat style.