Scapebox and Scrapejet Post Penguin

I got a lot of tweets, emails and other messages asking if scrapebox and scrapejet are safe to use after penguin.  In this video I talk about the majority of what Penguin is alleged to have covered.  I say alleged because google said that it also targeted relevance, and many have said it targeted link velocity as well.

I don’t talk about link velocity as its easy enough to just slow down and be consistent. As for relevance, there is still tests going on in the marketplace, and I don’t have solid info on it yet.  I can say that it seems like it would be very hard for google to track relevance in a way thats not manipulable.  For instance, if you have a domain name that has the word widgets in it and you have a site title and keyword on page a few times with the word widget in it, google is going to think your site is about widgets.  When it might be a CPA lead for ringtones that takes place in graphic form.   Point being, unless your site gets a manual review, your still dealing with a computer.  So you just have to look like everyone else does to the computer.

So in short, if you were doing it  and using tools the right way from the get go, then you didn’t have any issues.  If you were doing it wrong then you now have the chance to change.  You can use automated tools and do it right and look natural.

Also some people had asked me for auto approve lists in conjunction with this.  So if you are looking for that you can find all the current lists I have here: