Get rid of Scrapebox Slow Commenter Pop Up Windows

Many times when using Scrapebox Slow commenter you will see pop up windows.  Things like, security certificates, “are you sure you want to leave this page”, and other similar things.  I am not talking about new web page popups, but javascript style popups that interact with that particular page.  In this video I go over how to set your IE settings so you can get rid of most or all of these kinds of popups.

Working with Randomized lists in Scrapebox

Many people don’t realize that you can randomize lists in scrapebox.  Whats more is they don’t know how to import lists into scrapebox and keep them randomized.  If you use the wrong method then scrapebox will auto sort the list in alphabetical order.  However if you use the right option then it will stay randomized.  This opens the doors to allowing you to randomize lists and then re-import them and split them or to use them with addons etc…

Quick List Cleaning for Scrapebox when its locking up

Sometimes on a particular list Scrapebox will lockup.  This can be for a few reasons, but often time its simply some of the urls are formatted in a way that is unfriendly for scrapebox.  This video shows you how to quickly clean your list for these types of urls.  I personally wouldn’t go cleaning every list just for the sake of it, but if you have a list that is causing lockups then this is where I would start.

Scrapebox .34 and .35 update

Scrapebox got some nice new features in the last couple updates.

v1.15.35 New: Pagerank statistics of checked URL’s in “Import/Export URL’s & PR” button. New: Auto remove duplicate proxies when clicking Test Proxies. New: Harvester Remove URL’s Not Containing option to remove URL’s which do not contain specific words.

v1.15.34 Fix: Google harvester due to change at Google. Fix: Yahoo harvester due to change at Yahoo. Fix: AOL harvester due to change at AOL.