This is a central place for all things ScrapeBox, ScrpaeJet and ScrapeBoard related.  I was going to separate these all out into their own sites, but I figured that many people own multiple tools and that it would be more convenient to have all the info in one place.

Here you can find resources for each tool on its respective page, simply click on the menu above.

You will also find the blog.  The blog contains a little bit of everything.  Ideas I have on how to use the tools or ideas I have seen other people say that I thought were creative or noteworthy.  It has a video change log, this is where I just make a video on any recent noteworthy changes and how they work.  General videos that are quickies that I don’t want to clutter my main YouTube channel with.  I might also include links to free auto approve lists, various resources or anything in general that might be of a help to you while using the tool.  The purpose of the blog is to keep it casual, but still be a great place for me to spill my thoughts and hopefully be a help to someone else.  It serves as the center focus of the site.

I hope you find this site helpful.

~MAtt Borden
aka loopline